Free Figure/Sculpture Competition

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Submit your entries here. 作品は下記に必要事項を記入し(ローマ字)、作品の写真を添付してお送り下さい。

The 7th QBAC2021 contest NEW deadline is June 11, 2021. Submit photos of designs to be considered by 12 p.m. CST on June 11, 2021. QBACコンテストの新しい締切りは、日本時間6月12日(土)午前2時です。

1.    Entry must be a TWISTED balloon sculpture.

2.    Free Theme

3.    Any shape or size of Qualatex balloon may be used in any quantity. However, the sculpture must contain at least 50% Non-round latex balloons (160Q, 260Q, 321Q, 350Q, or 646Q).
どのサイズ・シェイプのバルーンも使用数量に制限はありません。ただ作品は全数量の50%以上がツイストバルーン(160Q, 260Q, 321Q, 350Q, または 646Q)の合計個数でなければなりません。 

4.    The designated contest theme should represent the figure or the sculpture.

5.    Likenesses of licensed characters will NOT be considered due to copyright laws. No licensed balloons should be used.
6.    The sculpture should be created using only balloons. Only Qualatex balloons can be used.

7.    There is no limit on entries per person per contest deadline.

8.    Minimal adhesive (glue dots or rubber cement) may be used. Markers may also be used to add detail.

9.    The majority of the sculpture must be inflated.

10.    All entries should include a counts of each balloon used in the sculpture. Download form here.

11.    When submitting a design, you are verifying that the design is yours and not someone else’s. Pioneer Balloon Company is not liable for any submitted design that is incorrectly credited.

12.    Photos must be 300 dpi and sent at the highest resolution file size possible via e-mail. Figures should be photographed against solid-color (preferably white) backgrounds. Please submit multiple photos of your figure/sculpture from different angles.
写真のサイズは300dpi以上、Eメールにてお送りいただける高画質でお送りください。 作品は白、またはそれに近い無地のバックグラウンドにて撮影下さい。また、写真撮影のアングルを変えたものを数枚お送り下さい。 

13.    All entrants agree to have their work and name featured in SNS, Qualatex website, and any all relevant materials published by Pioneer Balloon Company.

14.    Entries will be judged on 1) originality and creativity, 2) quality of likeness, 3) balloon manipulation skills, and 4)design must be able to sit well 5)360 degree viewing and 6) design must be transportable by hands. 

15.    Winners will be selected by Pioneer Balloon Company. All decisions are final.